FREE English-Hindi Translator

FREE English-Hindi Translator 3.0

It helps you translate from English to Hindi and vice versa

As its name says, Free English - Hindi Translator is a free tool that allows you to translate any text from English to Hindi and vice versa. It lets you translate from simple single words to entire long pages of texts like letters and various documents.

The accuracy of the translations are decent. When it comes to intricacies and stylistic subtleties, it may provide some less precise and correct translations, but overall, the quality of the translations are reasonable. It also provides the translations very fast, especially if the translated texts are not particularly large.

Free English - Hindi Translator is also very easy-to-use. Its simple and straightforward interface will pose no problems to no one, and even complete beginners will be able to handle this application with ease.

The translations can be saved to text files or to HTML files, or even printed directly from within the application.

In conclusion, since it's also free, Free English - Hindi Translator looks like a decent choice for whenever you need to translate texts between these two languages. Anyway, you could also do that just by opening a browser page and navigating to Google Translate or to other similar free translation service.

Margie Smeer
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  • Simple-to-use
  • Free
  • Can print the translations


  • Not always accurate
  • The interface cannot be customized
  • Rendered useless by free online translation services
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