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FREE English-Hindi Translator 1.5

Free English - Hindi Translator is a translation tool between Hindi and English
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Free English - Hindi Translator is an easy-to-use program that helps you translate from English to Hindi and vice versa.

The program can be easily used both by those well familiarized with translating engines and by beginners. One of this utility's advantages is that it does not limit the size of the text that it can translate. You can translate words, phrases, paragraphs, or even entire pages worth of text. You should, however, be aware that, as the size of the source-text increases, the translation tends to become less accurate. Even though the program acknowledges idiomatic phrases in both languages, and renders them appropriately, it is not so advanced that it is able to account for finer stylistic subtleties. Consequently, its scope does not extend too much beyond the level of functional texts, which display more standardized language. Another advantage that the Free English - Hindi Translator offers is the possibility to print the translation’s output directly, without copying it into a new word document.

For the above-mentioned reasons, this translating engine proves a moderately adequate tool when you need the English equivalent of a Hindi text, or the other way around.

Paul Cooper
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  • User-friendly and easy-to-use
  • Free application
  • Directly print option
  • No size limit for texts


  • No audio translation
  • Accuracy decreases with the size of the input text
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